Past Events > 2012 Collaboration

The EMMA International Collaborations are an innovative workshop model for un-structured creative collaboration between artists working in traditional craft and those engaged in contemporary method. The event has become a catalyst for worldwide creativity in the arts. Since adopting this new spontaneous approach to learning several collaborative events across the world have emerged. Notably: Collaboration NZ, McGregor’s Bay, New Zealand, Echo Lake, New Hope PA, Hawaii Collaboration, Holualoa, HI, Art in the Pearl, Portland OR, Collaborations, Sydney Australia.

Participating Artists

Bridget Aitken Painting
Ross Annels wood, furniture
Melody Armstrong Metals, Jewelry
Brenda Baker sculpture, painting, drawing
Al Bakke Metal, Woodturning
Russell Baldon furniture, sculpture, drawing
Nancy Bellegarde Metals, Blacksmith
David Bynoe kinetic sculpture, electronics
Rossel Bérard wood, furniture
M Craig Campbell Metal, Blacksmith
Joan Carrigan natural fibers, wood
Fred Coates wood, furniture
Paula Cooley ceramics
Michael Cooper mixed media, sculpture
Marigold Cribb Basketry
Ted Crosfield wood, woodturning
Paige Davis metal, jewelry, blacksmith, sculpture
Mark Dicey Painting, Drawing
Angela Dionne mixed media
Sandra Dunn metal, blacksmithing
Lindsay Embree Fiber, Printmaking
Joshua Enck Wood, Metal, Sculpture
Harvey Fein Wood, Woodturning
Jaime Fergus Metals, Jewelry
Clay Foster Wood, Concrete
Kara Ginther Leather
Brian Gladwell Cardboard, Furniture, Sculpture
Lyonel Grant Wood, Sculpture, Carving
Gale Hagblom Painting
Doug Haslam wood, furniture, sculpture
Andrew Hayes Metal, Paper
Matthew Hebert Technology, Mixed Media
Michael Hosaluk Wood, Metal, Found Objects
Laura Hosaluk Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing
Katie Hudnall Furniture, Wood, Hardware
Beth Ireland Wood, Woodturning
Miranda Jones Mixed Media, Metal
Kim Kelzer Wood, Paint, Furniture
Daniel Kirk Murals, Painting, Drawing
Eveline Kolijn Printmaking, Mixed Media
Tai Lake Wood, Furniture
Adrian Legge Metal, Blacksmithing
Tom Loeser Wood, Furniture
Robert F Lyon Wood, Woodturning
John Monteath Metal, Blacksmith
Yvonne Musey Johnson Metal, Jewelry
Eric Nation Wood, Furniture
Jason Nemec Wood, Mixed Media
Daniel Newman Wood, Mixed Media
Benedict Oddi Visual Artist
Rowan Pantel Mixed Media, Printmaking
Neville Parker Wood, Metal, Stone, Mixed Media
Arthur Perlett Wood, Furniture
Charles Pinckney Metal, Jewelry
Henry Pomfret Metal, Blacksmithing
Graeme Priddle Wood, Woodturning, Carving
Kent Purdue Wood, Fabric, Metal, Mixed-Media
Jason Ramey Furniture
Bird Ross Multi Media, Fiber
Ted Ross Furniture
Farrell Ruppert Metals, Jewelry
Mike Scott Wood, Woodturning
Iner Souster Junk, Scrap, Music
Michael Stadler Wood, Furniture, Sculpture
Ros Stewart Sculpture
Doug Taylor Pan-media
Sharon Thompson Printmaking
Veronica Tricker Tattoo, Skin, Ink
Marlene True Metal, Jewelry
Trent Watts wood, furniture, woodturning
Ellen Weiske Metal, Jewelry, Found Objects
Greg Wilbur Metals
Mont Wilkins Hot Metals
Kimberly Winkle Wood, Furniture