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2016 Collaboration, Big River, Saskatchewan

July 27, 2016 — August 4, 2016

Ness Creek Festival Site

If you've received an invitation for this event and have questions, please email Carlie Letts, our coordinator at: More info to come soon.

If you'd like to join us as an artist, sponsor, or if you'd like to find out how to purchase art made at the 2016 event, then Get Involved!

Participating Artists

Marlene True Metal, Jewelry
Eric Adjetey Anang Sculpture, Furniture
Melody Armstrong Metals, Jewelry
Rebecca Asquith Wood, Light
Elizabeth Babyn Painting
Jeanine Baker Metal, Glass
Paul Baker Metal, Found Objects
Gord Blackmore Furniture
Marta Blanc Painting, Printmaking
Cynthia Blanchette Painting, Sculpture, Installation
Rachel Bliss Painting
Megan Broner Gold, Jewelry
Bev Brown Painting
Rossel Bérard wood, furniture
M Craig Campbell Metal, Blacksmith
Theresa Campbell bone, paper, film, words
Joan Carrigan natural fibers, wood
Paula Cooley ceramics
Michael Cullen Wood, Furniture
Michael de Forest wood, furniture, sculpture
Bill Dorman Recycled Materials, Wood, Metal
Sandra Dunn metal, blacksmithing
Linda Duvall Performance
Lindsay Embree Fiber, Printmaking
Joshua Enck Wood, Metal, Sculpture
Louisa Ferguson Glass, Dance
Terri Fidelak Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Social Practice
Shona Firman Glass
Tammy Gebhardt Painting, Sculpture, Metal
Brian Gladwell Cardboard, Furniture, Sculpture
Matthew Hebert Technology, Mixed Media
Todd Hiebert Wood, Metal
Al Hiebert Glass
Joan Hiebert Glass
Terry Johnston Metal, Jewelry
Miranda Jones Mixed Media, Metal
Eveline Kolijn Printmaking, Mixed Media
Tai Lake Wood, Furniture
Christine Lee Furniture, Sculpture
Ted Lott Sculpture, Furniture, Public Art
Brenda Malkinson Glass, Printmaking
Adam Manley Furniture, Sculpture
Gareth McGhie Bone, Wood, Jewelry
John Monteath Metal, Blacksmith
Yvonne Musey Johnson Metal, Jewelry
Jason Nemec Wood, Mixed Media
Neville Parker Wood, Metal, Stone, Mixed Media
Arthur Perlett Wood, Furniture
Myra Perrin Jewelry, Furniture, Metal, Wood
Vanessa Renwick Film, Mixed Media
Anita Rocamora Ceramics, Wood, Paper, Metal
Mary Romanuck Printmaking, Drawing
Sylvie Rosenthal Sculpture, Wood, Furniture
Ted Ross Furniture
Eva Seidenfaden Natural Fiber, Wood
Evelien Sipkes Fiber, Ceramics, Metal, Jewelry
Otis Tamasauskas Printmaking
Doug Taylor Pan-media
Sharon Thompson Printmaking
Veronica Tricker Tattoo, Skin, Ink
Peter Tucker Painting, Sculpture, Furniture
Sarah Wagner Stone, Glass, Clay, Wood, Paint
Derek Weidman Woodturning, Sculpture
Greg Wilbur Metals
Kimberly Winkle Wood, Furniture
Lowell Zercher Furniture
Mark Zimmerman Printmaking, Painting

Event Objects Gallery

The 2016 Emma International Collaboration is a weeklong invitational event for professional and

emerging artists which encourages a sharing of knowledge and skills through unrestrained art-

making in a variety of media. There are no ‘rules’ per se, except to work and to experience the

creative energy that has been assembled at this time, and in this one location. The primary

focus while at Emma is to work collaboratively on a variety of projects that can, and often, do

involve any number of artists. The Collaborative approach to art-making, found at Emma, has

given rise to a new way of learning and teaching. Every artist at Emma becomes a teacher, a

student and a mentor; artists are there to give, to accept and to inspire.

The location is also a catalyst for learning, teaching and inspiring. The Ness Creek Site is

nestled in the boreal forest and art making is done outside surrounded by nature.

Accommodations vary from rustic cabins, tenting or trailers. Meals are provided by a wonderful

local caterer and a mixture of BYOB and Cantina operating hours makes for a very social